Who Even Am I

Honestly, it depends on who you ask. To some, I'm a consultant working in the video game industry. To others, I'm three raccoons in a trench-coat. To my kids, I'm mama. As for the Actual Reality version of me, I'm Amanda Farough.

This is me.

I've been writing professionally for over twelve years, mostly about video games. Heck, I've been known to write about everything from pop culture to business.

My current writing projects are:

  • Six books about video games, children, and practical parenting tips (published by ETC Press)
  • A collection of video game essays about video games and childhood
  • A comic book script about Very Gay Sea Witches
  • An untitled horror novel where making video games is somehow scarier than the vampires that make them
  • The Ornolea Chronicles, a high-fantasy chronicle of lost magic and found family

You can buy my short story, Edges, on Lulu.

Interested in chatting with me?